Uyuni Salt Flats, frequent questions and advices

At what time and where it initiates the tour?

On having Salted of Uyuni, the tour initiates in the city of Uyuni located to 540 km from La Paz and to an altitude of 3660 meters over sea level.

All the tours options since they exist tours of 1 up to 3 days go out at 10:30 am from this city of the offices or points of concentration of the agency operator.

How many days is it needed to know Salting?

To know everything Salting one is recommended to take the tour of 3 days that is one of the most finished, with whom you will be able to visit all the tourist destinations like same Salting, the Colored lagoon, the geysers and the Eduardo Avaroa Natural Reserve.

Nevertheless, they exist tours of only one day or of two days for the persons who are not provided with a lot of time and want to know Salting. In both cases you will be able to cover part of salting and enjoying impressive places also.

How to come from La Paz to Uyuni?

There exist 3 ways of all coming from La Paz to Uyuni, in local or tourist bus, train and plane with times different from trip that you must bear in mind not to get into troubles.

You can read more in our blog How to get to Uyuni Salar from La Paz by Bus, Train & Plane

Is it obligatory to hire a tour? Can I go for proper account?

It is not obligatory but if very advisable to hire the tour with an agency that knows the route since Salting is not very well signposted and would be very easy to get lost in 10. 500 km of area that occupies salting. Also during the raining season there exist the probabilities of you having left aground or to get lost and finally to be able to cover salting you will need a vehicle 4x4.

So probable what is to suffer from height evil in Salting of Uyuni?

He remembers that salting of Uyuni overcomes 3600 msnm therefore the probabilities of suffering from height evil are very high for which we recommend to you to acclimate you one or two days in La Paz and to take a few sheets or coca caramels with you during the trip.

What is it the best epoch to visit Salting? How is the climate?

The periods in Salting of Uyuni during the year are divided in two pronounced epochs:

  • The period dries: that is between May to November, epoch in which the presence of rains is almost void and the temperature during the day comes to 17 ° C.

During this epoch salting offers you a sight very similar to a white ocean and that offers you many opportunities to take entertaining photos playing with the optical illusions.

  • The raining season: Between December to March the presence of rains in salting is constant therefore sometimes one cannot gain access to certain areas of Salting like the Island of the Fish or Incahuasi; nevertheless during this epoch it is possible to attend some water accumulations on There salting which reflect perfectly the sky which will give you the impression of which you are on an enormous mirror.

During this epoch the temperatures during the day can come to 16 ° and lower them even-3°C.

What happens in case of rain?

When it rains of abundant form, the access, on having salted, can, turn hindered by the water accumulation, and the access to the Island Incahuasi or Isla del Pescado (located in the middle of salting) can close. If this circumstance happens the visit is cancelled to this island, and it is deposited on having salted only up to a sure distance for the passengers and the vehicle.

Are vaccines needed?

To visit Salting of Uyuni no vaccine is necessary; nevertheless if then you want to visit some destination inside the Bolivian forest must be vaccinated against the yellow fever.

What should go with me in the tour on having Salted?
  • comfortable and warm clothes .
  • comfortable Shoes(ideally of trekking).
  • Swim suit and towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Water (it will depend on every person, recommends to itself 1 liter for person).
  • Passport.
  • Extra Money.

If you have more questions or want to reserve some of our tours towards this incredible destination remembers that our operators can help you.

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17 Enero 2018

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