Portada de Tour to the Tiwanaku Ruins

Itinerary of Tour to the Tiwanaku Ruins

La Paz


We’ll start our tour with the pick up from your hotel in La Paz around 8:00 and 8:30am to go towards the archeological site of Tiahuanaco. During the trip we can appreciate the stateliness of the Mountain Range of the Andes.

Once we arrive at Tiwanaku, we will visit the archaeological site, where we’ll go to the Temple of Kalasasaya, serving an astronomical function, possibly dedicated to the cult of the Sun and in which we can appreciate the solemn Sun Door, an agricultural calendar, the Pyramid of Akapana, an important ceremonial center that also allows a spectacular view of the archaeological city; the Semi-Subterranean Temple, a temple dedicated to welcome kings in which you can observe pieces of stone-like human faces encrusted in the wall and finally we’ll return to the city of the La Paz.

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